Toledo. World Heritage City: Heritage of the Senses

History, art, heritage, culture, gastronomy and crafts are mixed in Toledo. Churches, synagogues and mosques coexist in the city of the Three Cultures, where three great religions such as the Christian, the Jewish and the Muslim have known how to leave the best of themselves as a perpetual invitation to coexistence. From Santiago del Arrabal, a jewel of the Christians carved by the hands of Mudejar master builders, to San Juan de los Reyes, emblem of the triumph of the Catholic Monarchs over Islam, in the heart of the Jewish quarter, make Toledo one of the most interesting and surprising cities from Spain.

Bathed by the Tagus River, steeped in El Greco, Cervantes or Garcilaso; Surrounded by gastronomy and crafts and invaded by history, art and culture, the first signs of its existence date back to the 4th century BC. C, while its name dates back to Roman times under the name of Toletum.

Conquered by the Germanic peoples and invaded by the Muslims, Toledo became an important European intellectual center around the 12th century, thanks to the installation of the School of Translators. Since then the city of Toledo continued to grow thanks to its textile, weapons, silk, coin and other handicraft industries, until it became one of the main cities of Castile in the 16th century.

Toledo was the capital of the Spanish Empire under Charles V. The transfer of the capital to Madrid in 1561 plunged Toledo into a stage of decline that the Church took advantage of to become the economic and ideological engine of the city, thus replacing the nobility and the Cut. From the 18th century, Toledo began its definitive recovery, helped by the arrival in 1858 of the first railway to the city. Already in the 1980s, Toledo was rewarded with the designation as the capital of the Community of Castilla-la-Mancha.


Hotel María Cristina
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Puerta Bisagra
Callejón Potro, 5, 45003 Toledo
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Hospedería de los Reyes
Calle Pereala 37, 45003 Toledo
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Calle de Santo Tomé 16, 45002 Toledo
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