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1• How Do You Approach Acute Kidney Injury
2• Webinar: The Use of Biomarkers in the Management of Acute Kideny Injury:
AKI in the critically ill  - Dr. Lui Forni
Post cardiothoracic surgery AKI  -  Dr. Daniel Engelman
3• Webinar: KDIGO AKI & COVID-19
Diagnosis, Prevention, and Early Managment of COVID-AKI – Dr. John Kellum
KRT for COVID-AKI – Dr. John Prowle

1• Estudio Sapphire. Link
2• Estudio PrevAKI I. Link
3• Selection of publications 2021 . Link
4• Selection of publications AKI 2018. Link

1• ADQI, JAMA 2020. Link
2• ERAS, JAMA 2019. Link