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welcome letter

Dear partners:

It is an honor for me to present the 2nd edition of the International OrtobioMsk DEBA Course (Precision and Healing) and the reason is none other than the excellent reception and criticism of the 1st edition held in 2022 and the amount of requests to celebrate it again.

It is indisputable to acknowledge the great expectation aroused by this new medical "sub-specialty", which transversally involves several medical specialties dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, and which in our working group we call Philosophy or Philosophy since years ago. DEBA Protocol (Sports, Ultrasound, Biological and Arthroscopy).

Continuing our teaching spirit, after directing the On-Line platform "Eco-MSK Direct to the lesion" www.eco-msk.es and the International Orthobiology Congress www.ortobiologia.com, both on-line, now continues the II Edition of the OrtoBioMsk International Course DEBA www.ortobiomsk.com, in person, 3 days that intensively combine the latest in Ultrasound-MSK, Ecoguided Interventionism and Orthobiology "Precision and Healing" that will take place in the city of Seville, the next 9th, 10th and 11th of February 2023, at the dawn of spring in Seville.

The organizers of OrtoBioMsk are orthopedic surgeons and Rehabilitators, with extensive clinical, teaching and research experience in these matters. We will guide the students so that they acquire the best training in Msk Ultrasounds and in Biological Therapies in the musculoskeletal system, in a didactic, practical and economical way.

This year we incorporate several novelties, such as an exclusive table dedicated to "pain" and locoregional blocks, radiofrequency techniques. We will have a whole day dedicated to the latest advances in Orthobiology.

Especially to all the indications and treatments with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and above all, practical cases with documented methodology and precise techniques. We also have an important section dedicated to Ultrasound-Msk and Ecoguided Interventionism, in a theoretical-practical way (through video-clinical techniques) and with high-quality workshops where there will be 1 team and model for every 5 participants.

All carefully selected instructors with advanced certifications in MSK Ultrasound and Orthobiology will supervise students based on their level of training, making the internship appropriate for all levels of experience.

Likewise, given the variety of providers and stands of Msk Ultrasound and Regenerative Medicine, attendees will be able to see and take advantage of "special offers" to buy the latest models in the industry in both tabletop, portable, handheld, corded and wireless ultrasounds or Biological or Radiofrequency Therapy systems.

Finally, this edition we will have a joint fraternal dinner for teachers and students to increase communication and contact, with a surprise included, you can't miss it.

It will be an honor to have your presence in this course where you will learn very practical technical innovations and content that can be applied in your clinical practice efficiently and safely.

See you in February 2023 in Seville

Dr. Pedro Bernaldez Dominguez
Director of the OrtoBioMsk DEBA Course